sO, “whO’s a hOOper?” yOu might ask!
Umm… That would be YOU! So, step this way to the circle if you please! I am most confident that there is a hula-revOlutiOn in you! It might take some folks longer than others to establish a rhythm, but the persistent person will pick it up in time! Just stay with it, and it will stay on your hips!

“But I tried hooping before and couldn’t seem to get the swing. I’m thinking it’s not just for me.”
Take heart, friend! Chances are you were using a hoop that wasn’t sized appropriately for you. If it was one of those .99 cent numbers, then forget it. Those are sOoOooOoo hard to use, even for the skilled hOOper. Adults need an adult-sized hoop that is larger and heavier.

What about shipping?
Shipping to anywhere in the US is $10. All hoops are shipped USPS. There is a 2-week turn-around time between when you place your order and when I pop it in the mail. Rush orders tack on an extra $5 per item before shipping (rush order=getting the hoop in the mail the same week).

How do I know what size hoop to order?
No worries for the beginnerspinners! I will help you figure that out upon your inquiry through my website. There are a few things to consider in selecting the right size.

The hoops I will make for each of you are from a 3/4″ 160PSI tubing material, which is definitely heavier than your store-bought hoops, and is the most common (and best in my opinion) tubing for beginner hoops. Regarding size, 40-44″ diameter might seem huge, but is actually a pretty typical beginner-sized hoop. I would recommend your first hoop to have the diameter to fall somewhere in the range from the distance between your navel and your toes and your bust and toes. Contrary to what people might presume, the larger the hoop is, the easier it is to use (because it is a slower full rotation, thus you move less). The smaller the hoop, the more challenging. I am 5’1″ and I started with a large 40″ hoop. It was great for me to learn on, but I have now downsized (over a few years time) to a 30″ hoop for my usual practice, which is quite small. I recommend going bigger in the beginning… you can downsize in time, but be good to yourself in the beginning– you’ll probably thank yourself in the end, and your hooping will likely be far more graceful on a larger hoop.
All this to say, if you’re first starting out, here is what I’ll need from you in order to create your hoop:
First of all, if you have tried a friend’s hoop before that you have found to be a good and comfortable size for you, consider measuring the diameter.
If that is not the case, that’s okay, too! Please let me know the following:

–your height and also the measurement from your navel to the floor.

–let me know if you’d like something a little more challenging (smaller) or if you would prefer to take it a little easier to start (which is what I did when I started, and is what I super-super recommend!)

–it may also not be a bad idea to provide me with an idea of how active you are on a regular basis.

Larger hoops are easier to spin, but going a little smaller is also good for certain tricks, particularly off-body work. And trust me, you’ll be hOOked on hOOps before you know it and will advance quickly! You may also want to take a moment to check out this really great article by the fabulous Lara Eastburn about selecting a beginning hoop size.

How should I take care of my hoop?
While the hoops I make do indeed collapse or coil down to a smaller size (depending on which type you order), it is best to have your hoop in full circle hoop form whenever possible to best maintain the integrity of the shape. I don’t really recommend hanging the hoop off of a hook for a long period of time (mainly if you are in a warm climate) as it may over time put a kink in the tubing. Store your hoop against a wall or under your bed and you’ll be golden. Since the hoop design is made up of tape and vinyl, it will inevitably get some scratches on the hoop over time. For this reason, I highly recommend hooping on carpet, or better yet, grass (!), especially if you are new to hooping. The hoop itself is created to be very durable, but the detailed design has a tendency to gain some “character” over time!

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Happy Hooping!

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