The Hooping Life!! PITTSBURGH!!!!!


At long last The Hooping Life is touring and it is making a Pitt-stop! wOOt! Yes, for one night only, on April 19th at 8pm, you’ll be able to catch this much anticipated film! I personally have had an eye on it the whole time I’ve been a hooper. The film was 6 years in the making and highlights 8 different stories of those whose lives have been changed and inspired through the hoop. It resonates on a multi-cultural level while giving an eye-opening look at an infectious and beautiful new subculture.

The film is centered on the creation and encouragement of community, and tells the stories of struggles and healing that touch humanity day in and day out. This incredible film shares stories about how the hoop has touched humanity in a whole host of ways– encircling all kinds of issues from COMMUNITY to HEALTH to SPIRITUALITY to LGBT to FITNESS to ANTIBULLYING to IDENTITY to ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ACTIVISM! Whew! Check out the invite on Facebook! And spread the gOOd wOrd! I sure hOOp to see you there! The film starts at 8pm at Regent Square Theater! Major shout out to PFPCA for all their support in making this happen!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

If you haven’t already, be sure to catch the trailer!!

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